New Pearl Jam album “Gigaton” coming out?

The 11th studio album from Pearl Jam, will soon be released, judging from the latest Ten Club newsletter. However, it’s all a bit mysterious!

The band has been hinting all day on social media, and now finally after more than six years of waiting it’s closer to being official than ever. But we’re still not quite sure what it all means!

The newsletter sent fans all over the world on a treasure hunt to find posters that via augmented reality were supposed to give some clues on the new album. 
From what we have gathered so far, the title seems to be Gigaton. And the theme seems to have something to do with climate change, judging from the imagery.

The title of the new Pearl Jam album seems to be Gigaton. But it’s all still a little mysterious. Photo via Jammers Mexico.

We have heard from relatively reliable sources that the album is going to be a tad quieter than what we’re used to. There has been speculation amongst fans, and perhaps a little hope too, that with the current political situation in the United States, the new album was going to be a little more on the angry side, like what we saw with Avocado.

However, from what we have heard it is not going to be so this time. We expect to get something more reflecting and thoughtful. Perhaps inspired by the increasing focus on the environment and climate change, that the band has been aware of and working with actively for years. Which does not sound bad at all.

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  1. I love the quieter songs just as much. The songs from the movie “Into The Wild” were great and the album “Ukelele Songs” as well. Can’t wait!

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